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AVD Contracting is a renowned company specializing in villa construction, renovation, and interior fit-out services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for interior design and fit-out projects across various industries. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services, including civil construction, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) services, furniture installation, flooring, ceilings, partitions, and adherence to ISO standards. Moreover, we offer project management, manufacturing, design & build, and fit-out contracts to cater to diverse client needs.

Home Renovations

With our extensive experience, we are well-equipped to assist you with civil works and interior fit-out projects in Dubai, regardless of whether it's an office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, or residential space. Our goal is to ensure that your space reflects your unique preferences, ethos, and brand identity. Our dedicated project team works tirelessly to complete interior fit-out works within the agreed-upon timeframe, maintaining the highest standards of quality and adhering to your budget.

By choosing AVD Contracting, you can rely on our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. We take pride in our ability to transform spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that align with our client's visions.


Are you looking for a leading building renovation company in Dubai? Look no further because you’ll find what you’re looking for at AVD Contracting.

Home Renovations

About Us

AVD Contractors is a leading commercial as well as residential property renovation company in Dubai, dedicated to providing exceptional services that result in distinctive and stylish designs, ensuring your recognition. We prioritize reflecting our strong work ethic in both our workplace and projects, achieved through our carefully selected construction team. Despite being small in size, our technical staff is incredibly efficient, facilitating streamlined communication and emphasizing personalized contact and experiences for our clients throughout the project's lifecycle.

AVD Building Contracting, founded in 1974 by Mr Ahmed Kutty Haji, is a technology-driven and design-focused company that specializes in creating exceptional commercial and residential spaces. We are dedicated to utilizing the best resources, trends, and innovations to bring our client's visions to life. With a strong emphasis on industry-leading quality, customer satisfaction, robust engineering, and unwavering corporate ethics, AVD Building Contracting has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Our diverse and competent team of designers and project managers consistently deliver innovative design solutions of the highest calibre, earning us a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Our services encompass comprehensive property renovation, engineering, planning, execution, and delivery solutions of the highest quality. We specialize in building renovation for residential as well as commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, retail spaces, and commercial establishments. We are committed to putting forth our best efforts in every endeavour, allowing us to approach our work innovatively and find unique solutions to challenges as they arise. At AVD Contractors, our goal is to surpass your expectations with exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding outcomes. You can trust our team to deliver impeccable results, creating spaces that are not only visually striking but also functional and tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Service Categories

Interior Renovation Services

Interior renovation services involve the transformation and enhancement of the interior spaces of residential or commercial properties. These services encompass various aspects, such as design and planning, demolition and construction, flooring and wall updates, lighting and electrical work, plumbing and fixture upgrades, cabinetry and storage solutions, furniture and decor selection, and finishing touches. By utilizing professional expertise, interior renovation services revitalize spaces, improving functionality, aesthetics, and overall appeal while reflecting the client's vision and personal style.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen remodelling involves altering and renovating the kitchen to improve its usability, appearance, and worth. Redesigning the floor plan includes upgrading the flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting, and fixtures. Optimizing space utilization, increasing storage capacity, choosing sturdy materials for countertops and backsplashes, upgrading appliances, selecting appropriate flooring, improving lighting design, updating fixtures and hardware, and adding finishing touches are important factors to take into account when remodelling a kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation involves upgrading and remodelling the bathroom to improve its functionality, appeal, and aesthetics. This includes rearranging the furniture, switching out the hardware, and modernizing the vanities, worktops, flooring, lighting, and plumbing. The most important factors to take into account are making the most use of available space, choosing strong and water-resistant materials, updating fixtures for greater efficiency, boosting lighting and ventilation, enhancing storage options, and adding finishing touches.

Living Room Renovation

Renovation of the living room involves transforming and redesigning the space to improve its practicality, attractiveness, and overall ambience. This involves rearranging the furniture and replacing the entertainment systems, lighting, flooring, and walls. The most effective utilization of available space should be taken into account, as should the choice of flooring materials, lighting design enhancements, comfortable and useful furniture selections, ornamental additions, entertainment system integration, and finishing touches.

Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom remodelling includes the process of restoring or modifying a bedroom to enhance its usability, aesthetic appeal, and general comfort. The arrangement of the bedroom, as well as the flooring, walls, lighting, furniture, storage possibilities, and ornamental components, will all be modified. During this renovation, it is essential to maximize space utilization, choose the right flooring materials, improve the lighting design, select functional yet comfortable furniture, incorporate aesthetically pleasing decor, and put in place efficient storage solutions.

Office Renovation

Reviving and enhancing an office space's use, overall appearance and productivity are the aims of office room remodelling. Updating the layout, flooring, walls, lighting, furniture, technology, and general design are all important aspects of the process. Incorporating storage and organization solutions, providing collaborative areas, improving lighting and technology infrastructure, choosing ergonomic furniture, maximizing space use, and harmonizing the design with the office's branding and corporate identity are also important factors to take into account.

Other Interior Spaces Renovation

Other interior space renovations involve reworking and improving various portions of a structure or piece of property, including lobbies, offices, conference rooms, retail establishments, and dining establishments. Enhancing lighting and fixtures, changing flooring and wall coverings, choosing appropriate furniture and decor, integrating technology, and adhering to branding are all part of the process. The objective is to design environments that improve user experience by being aesthetically pleasing, practical, and purposeful.

Exterior Renovation Services

Services for exterior renovations comprise modifying or improving a building or property's external features. To increase curb appeal, functionality, and property value, this entails improving the facade, roofing, windows, doors, landscaping, and general outside design. The improvement of the facade, roofing options, window and door upgrades, landscaping, outdoor areas, lighting, accessibility, safety, and sustainable elements are important factors to take into account. Hiring professionals to renovate the exterior of your property can change the way it looks from the outside, raise the value of your home, and make your outdoor space more inviting and beautiful.

Façade Renovation

The exterior walls of a building's exterior are upgraded and given a better external appearance through façade remodelling. By preserving or enhancing structural integrity, it strives to improve durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Cleaning, fixing, replacing faulty components, applying new finishes, and adding design features are all parts of the process. Enhancing the aesthetics, weatherproofing, insulating, maintaining structural integrity, and adhering to safety regulations are some of the goals of the façade renovation process.

Roof Renovation

Roof renovation involves updating, repairing, or replacing the roof. It includes activities like inspection, repair or replacement, picking the right roofing materials, improving energy efficiency, making sure sufficient drainage is in place, and taking safety precautions into account. The goal of the roof renovation process is to solve problems like leaks, damage, and age-related wear and tear while enhancing the building's overall appearance and value. In order to conduct proper evaluations, carry out quality work, and guarantee adherence to safety regulations, hiring professional renovators is essential.

Terrace Renovation

A rooftop or outdoor terrace can be renovated and made better by adding new flooring, furniture, lighting, planting, and amenities. The terrace can be changed into a peaceful and welcoming outdoor space. The choice of long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing materials, the addition of cosy outdoor furniture and seating, the inclusion of appropriate lighting for ambience, the addition of landscaping and flora, and the provision of privacy and shade are all important factors. Considerations like accessibility and safety are important too.

Garden/Landscape Renovation

Garden or landscape renovation involves restoring or changing outdoor areas like gardens, yards, or landscapes in order to enhance their appearance, utility, and appeal. It includes a number of measures intended to enhance the outdoors' inherent beauty, provide a unified layout, and increase its practical utility. It consists of aspects like planning the design, choosing the plants, choosing the hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, and upkeep issues. The objective is to construct an attractive, well-thought-out, and environmentally friendly outdoor space that reflects the homeowner's preferences and offers a place for unwinding and enjoyment.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Swimming pool renovation includes renovating while strengthening an existing pool for improved usability, safety, and aesthetics. This procedure includes repairs, repainting, equipment upgrades, and decorative improvements. The state of the pool, correcting structural problems, improving water quality, and adhering to safety standards are important factors to take into account. The goal of the renovation is to make the pool more functional and aesthetically pleasing while also enhancing user satisfaction.

Other Exterior Spaces Renovation

Enhancing various outdoor areas surrounding the property, including patios, decks, balconies, and driveways, is an important part of renovating exterior spaces. In this process, a layout is created, suitable surface materials are chosen, cosy seating and outdoor furniture are added, appropriate lighting and landscaping features are incorporated, and steps are taken to guarantee safety and accessibility. The objective is to build outdoor spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing and that blend in with the architecture of the entire property.

Residential Renovation Services

The term "residential renovation services" refers to a broad range of remodelling and home improvement options intended to increase the functionality, curb appeal, and value of residential homes. These services are available to homeowners who want to remodel obsolete spaces, increase energy efficiency, upgrade living areas, or modify their homes to suit changing needs. Through hiring professional renovation services, homeowners can make their homes more aesthetically pleasing, livable, and in line with their preferences and lifestyle.

Villa Renovation

The goal of a villa restoration is to turn an existing villa into a contemporary, cosy, and aesthetically pleasing residence that suits the specific requirements and preferences of the homeowners. It includes remodelling interior areas, streamlining floor plans, upgrading bathrooms and kitchens, renovating exteriors, and implementing energy-saving technologies. Villa owners can improve their quality of life, raise the value of their homes, and design elegant, useful spaces by hiring professional renovation services.

Apartment Renovation

Apartment renovation involves updating or changing existing apartments in order to improve their utility, appeal, and value. It involves carrying out enhancements and modifications to the apartment's living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas. Renovation also includes rearranging furniture, modernizing bathrooms and kitchens, optimizing energy efficiency, and adding storage options. The objective is to design contemporary, cosy, and individually tailored living environments that cater to residents' requirements and tastes.

Townhouse Renovation

Townhouse remodelling typically focuses on altering interior areas, improving floor plans, replacing fixtures and finishes, and improving the townhouse's overall appearance and function. It could involve exterior improvements like landscaping, façade upgrades, and outdoor living areas, as well as remodelling of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and communal areas. A townhouse renovation aims to produce a contemporary, cosy, and aesthetically pleasing living environment that also increases the property's worth.

Penthouse Renovation

Penthouse renovation refers to remodeling and improving existing penthouse residences to improve their functionality, appeal, and grandeur. Renovations to penthouses frequently concentrate on creating an affluent and elegant living area that offers breathtaking views and superior amenities. This kind of makeover can involve expanding the size of the living space, modernizing the fixtures and finishes, adding high-quality materials, and adding luxury elements like private terraces, rooftop gardens, spa-like bathrooms, and modern entertainment systems.

Other Residential Property Renovation

Other residential property renovation encompasses the improvement and transformation of various types of residential properties such as single-family homes, duplexes, condominiums, and cottages. It comprises customized additions, structural modifications, energy efficiency upgrades, external improvements, and interior makeovers. The objective is to raise utility, modernize aesthetics, and create a more comfortable living space while raising the property's worth. Homeowners can receive expert advice in design, construction, and project management by working with professional renovation services, assuring a successful and satisfying remodeling project that suits their particular needs and preferences.

Commercial Renovation Services

Renovation services are intended for upgrading and transforming commercial premises, including offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other business establishments. These services are designed to improve the commercial environment's functionality, attractiveness, and general customer experience. Commercial renovation services strive to design spaces that are practical, appealing and well-suited to the unique requirements and objectives of enterprises. Businesses can benefit from working with a professional renovation company to complete a successful renovation project that improves customer satisfaction, boosts operational effectiveness, and builds brand recognition.

Office Renovation

To establish a practical, effective, and aesthetically pleasing working environment, offices must be upgraded and made better. The process of office renovation involves maximizing space planning and layout, improving interior design and aesthetics, integrating technology infrastructure, giving top priority to employee comfort and well-being, putting in place sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, and taking care of structural and code compliance requirements. The objective is to establish a successful and motivating work environment that supports the business's objectives and improves employee satisfaction.

Retail Store Renovation

Renovation of retail facilities is done to enhance the shopping experience for customers, maximize product displays, and make the setting more welcoming. This involves altering the layout and flow of the store, improving visual merchandising strategies, upgrading interior design and aesthetics, putting in place suitable lighting and ambience, developing spots for consumer interaction, and incorporating technological solutions. The purpose of creating a visually appealing and engaging shopping experience is to draw customers, boost sales, and foster brand loyalty.

Restaurant Renovation

A friendly and aesthetically pleasing dining atmosphere can be generated by renovating and modernizing existing restaurant spaces. This includes changing the floor plan, improving the interior design, renovating the kitchen and bar areas, making sure there are accessible restrooms, maximizing lighting and ambience, and incorporating branding and visual identity features. The objective is to improve the dining experience, draw customers, and highlight the restaurant's brand identity and philosophy.

Hotel Renovation

In order to improve aesthetics, elevate guest experiences, and maintain competitiveness in the hospitality business, hotel renovations involve the entire process of revitalizing and enhancing hotel properties. involve improving the hotel's guest rooms, public spaces, facilities, and outdoor spaces to produce a contemporary and inviting atmosphere that complements the hotel's brand and welcomes visitors. orking together with expert renovation services enables hotels to take advantage of professional guidance in design, construction, and project management, ensuring a successful renovation that exceeds guest expectations, strengthens the hotel's brand identity, and adds to general guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Warehouse Renovation

Renovation of existing warehouses is often done in order to maximize functionality, boost productivity, and increase safety. Redesigning the floor plan, modernizing the infrastructure, maximizing storage space, and enhancing productivity are all included in this renovation process. Space optimization, infrastructural improvements, updates for material handling equipment, safety improvements, environmental considerations, and workflow optimization are also important parts of warehouse refurbishment. A successful warehouse renovation maximizes operational efficiency and creates a safe and productive working environment.

Other Commercial Property Renovation

Other business property renovation is the process of reviving and enhancing various types of commercial spaces, including industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more. Enhancing functionality, attractiveness, and efficiency while ensuring that each business's or industry's particular needs and objectives are met are the main aims of commercial property renovations. Depending on the type of space, the extent of a commercial property's makeover can vary. It might involve making modifications to the interior and exterior, altering the layout, enhancing the infrastructure, integrating new technologies, enhancing accessibility, maximizing energy efficiency, and adhering to industry requirements.

Specialized Renovation Services

Professional services that focus on particular facets or areas of property renovation are referred to as specialized renovation services. By concentrating on speciality areas like flooring, ceiling, lighting, painting, plumbing, and electrical work, they cater to the particular needs and tastes of households and companies. To assure ideal workmanship, prioritize safety, and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction, it is essential to involve individuals who are knowledgeable in their particular industries. They can offer high-quality results while upholding safety requirements and satisfying consumer expectations because of their specific knowledge and skills.

Flooring Renovation

Renovation of the flooring in a building aims to improve the flooring's usefulness, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Experts in flooring rehabilitation offer assistance with material selection, old flooring removal and disposal, underfloor preparation, and expert installation of the new flooring material. Additionally, they take care of finishing touches like trim work and could provide extra services like refinishing or sealing. Hiring flooring renovation professionals ensures a smooth process, expert installation, and a transformed space with upgraded and visually appealing flooring.

Ceiling Renovation

The goal of ceiling renovation is to enhance the appearance and usefulness of ceilings in a building. A variety of services are provided by experts in ceiling remodelling to improve the beauty and functionality of this frequently ignored space. They can construct new ceiling designs, add aesthetic components, fix or replace damaged ceilings, and increase insulation and acoustics. In order to improve the overall usefulness and ambience of the room, ceiling renovation may also involve the installation of recessed lighting, ceiling fans, or other fixtures.

Lighting Renovation

A property's lighting systems might have to be changed or updated in order to increase utility, efficiency, and appeal. To improve the design and functionality of the lighting in both indoor and outdoor locations, lighting renovation specialists provide a variety of services. They can assist in installing new lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, or recessed lighting, to produce the appropriate mood and focus points. Additionally, these experts might provide energy-saving lighting options, such as LED lights which can minimize energy use and costs related to utilities.

Painting Renovation

Painting renovation involves repainting or replacing the paint on a building's interior or exterior surfaces in order to improve the appearance and safeguard the underlying components. The look and feel of a room can be changed using a variety of services offered by painting renovation specialists. They can assist with choosing the right colors and colour combinations, priming, preparing the surface, and applying paint or other finishes. They guarantee accurate application methods, close attention to detail, and the use of appropriate paints or coatings for various surfaces.

Plumbing Renovation

Renovation of the plumbing systems of a building is done to increase functionality, boost efficiency, and meet special needs. To improve the plumbing infrastructure and guarantee the efficient operation of the water supply, drainage, and sanitation systems, plumbing renovation specialists provide a variety of services. They are able to put in new water heaters, faucets, toilets, showers, and pipe systems. Rerouting pipes, repairing leaks, boosting water pressure, or attending to particular plumbing requirements like installing a new bathroom or kitchen are all examples of plumbing renovations.

Electrical Renovation

Electrical renovation comprises the improvement or alteration of the electrical systems inside a building with the goal of improving usefulness, safety, and efficiency. Electrical renovation experts provide a range of services that update the electrical infrastructure to suit modern requirements and satisfy particular needs. The services often include modifying the electrical panel or installing new outlets, switches, etc. In addition, electrical renovation could entail rewiring, grounding, and fixing any safety problems or electrical code infractions. The value of the house is increased by electrical renovation by enhancing comfort, usability, and safety.